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Fitness Gym Ball

Gym ball is one of the latest fitness trends which is picking up around the world. This concept started in in 1960s as a swiss ball and then developed into a  popular fitness exercise. Lately  Gym balls are  becoming very popular in India and many people are  opting for this exercise because it can easily be done at home also.

Gym ball is also known as fitness ball, swiss ball, exercise ball, yoga ball, pilates ball etc. but they all refer to  the same gym ball.   This helps in toning of muscles in abdomen and many other areas because your body is continuously working to balance on the ball.    This is great for stretching exercise and good for muscles and good for losing weight.

Initially you would find this in the fitness centers and now it is popular for home use.  It is easy to deflate this and put it on the side when not in use or you want to save space.  It comes with a pump and it is easy to inflate and start using it.  It comes in different sizes with smallest one coming in 55cm size and largest one in 95 cm size.   Generally 75cm or 85 cm is suitable of average size and height.

Gym ball price ranges from  400 rupees to 2500 rupees.  There are balls available with no brand name that are imported from China and available for 400 rupees or less and there are international brands like reebok which are sold for Rs. 2500.  While there may be some difference in the quality but they both serve the purpose.   Good choice is to buy Cosco gym ball which is a branded gym ball from a good company called Cosco.  The Cosco gym ball price range from about 500 rupees to  900 rupees depending on the size.  It comes with a pump to inflate and easy to use.  It is very popular and highest selling brand for gym ball.

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