Genuine Yonex Rackets

Genuine Yonex Rackets

Genuine Yonex Rackets:

Yonex is the most popular brand when it comes to Badminton rackets.  It has maximum market share for the badminton rackets from low end to the high end.  The racket prices range from Rs. 500 to  Rs. 20000.   Some of the good badminton racquets which are preferred by tournament players are  above Rs. 5000.   With that kind of prices of the badminton rackets there are some fake rackets that would  be available  in market which are  indistinguishable from the real ones.   Some times people tend to go for the lowest prices in the market and may end up with the fake yonex racket.

It is very difficult to detect fake racket from a genuine racket but here are few tips.   Quality of painting and printing will be inferior in fake.  Serial and cone code is uneven. The serial numbers may not look smooth. Holograms may easily come off.  Grommets are not good quality.   Strings may not have Yonex written on it in the fake racket.  The edges of the joints may still have sharp edges and not smooth.

The fake racket will start showing poor quality with time. It will bend or break but that is after you have used it and there may not be many options to get it replaced at that time. The fakes will also affect your game  and you may not be able to play your true game and hit the quality of shots that you do with real.

Try buying rackets from reputed shops and if you are getting very high discounts then you need to be suspicious. Buy Badminton rackets from sports sites which deal with authorized Yonex dealers.

As a buyer I would advise that do not fall for the lowest price always because by saving small amount you may end up paying a heaving price by getting fake yonex racket.   You can go to a good local sports shop or you may go to online sport store for a genuine badminton racket.

Gym Ball

Gym ball – keep yourself fit and healthy

Fitness Gym Ball

Gym ball is one of the latest fitness trends which is picking up around the world. This concept started in in 1960s as a swiss ball and then developed into a  popular fitness exercise. Lately  Gym balls are  becoming very popular in India and many people are  opting for this exercise because it can easily be done at home also.

Gym ball is also known as fitness ball, swiss ball, exercise ball, yoga ball, pilates ball etc. but they all refer to  the same gym ball.   This helps in toning of muscles in abdomen and many other areas because your body is continuously working to balance on the ball.    This is great for stretching exercise and good for muscles and good for losing weight.

Initially you would find this in the fitness centers and now it is popular for home use.  It is easy to deflate this and put it on the side when not in use or you want to save space.  It comes with a pump and it is easy to inflate and start using it.  It comes in different sizes with smallest one coming in 55cm size and largest one in 95 cm size.   Generally 75cm or 85 cm is suitable of average size and height.

Gym ball price ranges from  400 rupees to 2500 rupees.  There are balls available with no brand name that are imported from China and available for 400 rupees or less and there are international brands like reebok which are sold for Rs. 2500.  While there may be some difference in the quality but they both serve the purpose.   Good choice is to buy Cosco gym ball which is a branded gym ball from a good company called Cosco.  The Cosco gym ball price range from about 500 rupees to  900 rupees depending on the size.  It comes with a pump to inflate and easy to use.  It is very popular and highest selling brand for gym ball.

Online Sports Shop

Online Sports Shops in India:

Are you searching to buy good quality and authentic sports goods online? Then internet is the place. For all Sports goods – internet is one stop shop. Online sports shops in India can save you money, energy and time if you are looking to buy high quality sports equipment. All sports equipment like quality cricket gear, badminton gear, roller skates, ice skates, football, basketball, mountaineering gear etc. can be acquired from online sports goods shops. Fitness equipment is also available at online sports store. Sit back and relax on couch while getting upto 50% off on your sports shopping online.

Online Sports Shop

Only thing you need is to find out reliable sports goods shop online. Selecting the best online sports shop is the hard part but once you are able to find good shop be assured to get great quality goods. One reliable name in the online sports market is carry popular, exclusive and extensive range of sports goods like

  • Online badminton goods: badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, badminton kits, badminton strings, etc.
  • Online cricket gear: cricket bats, cricket balls, helmets, cricket gloves, shoes, etc.
  • Online football goods: shoulder pads, thigh pads, cleats, elbow pads, helmets, etc.
  • Online fitness equipment: gym equipment and fitness accessories, etc.
  • Other sports equipment: Sports goods for volleyball, tennis, skating swimming, boxing, etc.

We realize how important it is to have quality sports gear to perform well in the game. Low quality goods will undoubtedly affect your performance. Get all popular brands like Yonex Brand, YONKER Brand, Reebok Brand, Stag Brand, Cosco Brand, Morrant Brand, Albion Brand and many more at Compare our services and prices of sports equipment with other online sports shops in India to see it yourself how competitive we are, give us a call for more information @ +91-9650-766-555. All products are completely inspected before shipping.

We have option to buy with “cash on delivery”, netbanking and credit card. Our transaction partner, CCavenue, is well known in the industry for customer safety and security. Online payment of goods can be made thru secure channels (https) be it netbanking or credit card payment. We only store your Name, phone number and shipping address. None of your sensitive information like credit card or pin numbers is stored.

We offer best discounts on sporting goods. We issue extra discount coupons time to time so do subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.

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Yonex Badminton Rackets Price in India

Yonex  Badminton Rackets Price in India

YONEX-Badminton-rackets-prices-indiaYonex is the most popular brand of badminton rackets in India and the rest of the world and it has wide range of models and prices.  Yonex rackets are available from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 15000 to suit every type of game and price range.

I will cover briefly the models that Yonex offers in India and the price range they fall in.   These are approximate prices because there are newer models introduced at different price points and prices change on monthly basis because of currency fluctuations.  Yonex is a Japanese company (Japanese are known for their quality reputation) and all rackets are imported from outside.

Yonex badminton rackets  that  will not pinch your pocket much are the Yonex muscle power or ‘mp’ series of yonex – it ranges from Rs. 1000-Rs. 2000.  This is the baseline series from Yonex. It comes with head heavy or light, flexible or stiff and quality goes up as you move up the line.

Yonex Carbonex Badminton Rackets series one of the earlier series from Yonex which is still continuing and one of the oval shapes also has reasonable prices.   Carbonex starts from around Rs. 2000 and goes till around Rs. 6500.

Yonex Nanospeed Badminton Rackets  starts at Rs. 2400 and goes all the way to Rs. 15000.  They are good rackets which are head light and good for all round players.

Yonex Armortec Badminton Rackets starts from Rs. 3500 and goes upto Rs. 12000.  They are one of the newest series of Yonex with heavier head for aggressive game.

Yonex Arcsaber Badminton Rackets  are the high series from Yonex that provides ultimate blend of power and control.  They start upwards of Rs. 10,000. Many international tournament players use this series.

Yonex India has wide range of products and is represented by sunrise sports in Delhi.

If you compare yonex badminton rackets prices in Chennai  or yonex badminton rackets prices in Bangalore or any other metro the best play to buy would be online sports store.  You get best price, wide variety and good service with the assurance of good quality and it saves you a trip to retail store.

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7-Tips to Buy from Online Sports Shop in India – Key Considerations

When you want to shop something special for sports person, where do you go?  Modern consumer goes to online sports shop. Is online sports shop right place to go, or would store be a better option? – Online Sports Shop in India

Here are points to consider when you are out shopping sport goods online.

Consider the convenienceOnline sports shop offers you convenience of selecting sports goods from a wide variety of selection and paying for it while relaxing on your couch. Compare it with if you have to drive a few miles and then finding the size of basketball you wanted to buy is not available and you have to visit again? So many sports fan opt for shopping sports goods online because it is easy and fast. Get your sports goods delivered to your doorstep without leaving comfort of your home/office.

Consider the item – Many a times sports store does not carry the complete variety of sports goods you are looking for. Going to a nearby store may be all that you require if you are looking for football but it may be difficult to find skate or sports sunglasses in the same store. Online sports store may give you opportunity to buy all from one site.

Consider the authentication – Check with online sports shop to give you all the bills of sports goods purchased and guarantee/warrantee card provided by manufacturer.

Consider the range – If you are looking for a gift for your father, husband or son, and are not sure about which sports to invest in, it is better to go online and have a good look at the options available.

Consider the ease of searchOnline sports shop give you good categorization and ease of searching for the item you are looking for. So narrowing down to sport and checking out all variety in that category is quite easy comparing to physical store.

Consider the delivery – Online sports store deliver sports equipment at your doorstep or if it is gift it can be directly delivered to that person’s house, and surprise him.

Consider the price – Most of online sports store gives very good price because they save their expense on setting up physical shop and all that saving is directly passed to consumer.

You may visit – an ONLINE SPORTS SHOP IN INDIA for considerable help.

Roller skating equipment | How to select and buy roller skates for kids?

Buy roller skates online indiaHow to get your kids outdoor and away from the video games? Roller Skates for kids are great outdoor activity and your kid would have fun. There are many options these days like roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, shoe roller skates and push scooters. Roller Skates for kids are adjustable in size and fits in the needs of growing children. Kids Roller Skates are both fun and comfortable for hours of skating.

What roller skates should I buy for my kid? Just like adult roller skates, “kids roller skates” come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes to fulfill every kids need for roller skates. Right choice of roller skating equipment is very important and at the same time it should be under your budget. Consider how much money are you willing to buy roller skates for the kids and does this budget include protective pads and a helmet? By answering these questions you will get a good basis on where you should start your search.

How much do kids roller skates cost?

Don’t forget about protective pads and a helmet!

Kids roller skate cost from a few hundred rupees to couple of thousand rupees. However for Rs. 1500/- you can get a very nice pair of roller skates for your kids. These are good for outdoor skating or in roller skating rink. Skates in this category are very comfortable and kids enjoy skating experience. Click to buy roller skate price in India and to buy inline skate price in India click here.

Don’t forget about protective pads and a helmet!

Keep your kids safe! Your child needs to be protected with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards when roller skating. This is especially true when your kids are outside roller skating.

Where can I buy kids roller skates?

You can buy roller skates online in India at, it has good selection of skates. Find best roller skates price in India online.